A Man Of His Word by Sarah M. Anderson

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Harlequin

My Copy: Sent

Attorney Rosebud Donnelly has a case to win. And she never lets anyone see her sweat. But her first meeting with Dan Armstrong doesn’t go according to script. No one warned her that the COO of the company she’s fighting would be so…manly.

From his storm-colored eyes to his well-worn boots, Dan is an honest-to-goodness cowboy. But is he honest? Her yearning for the Texas tycoon goes against reason, against family loyalty, against everything she thought she believed in. And yet, in Dan’s strong arms, Rosebud feels she might be ready to risk everything for one more kiss….


You can pick your employees but unfortunately you can’t pick your family. A realization Dan Armstrong has had to live with for years. His uncle Cecil and he never got along but since they generally worked in different states within the company they co-owned, Dan could tolerate him. Now Cecil is telling him to come and deal with a situation over a impending dam structure and the local Lakota Indian tribe. Seems the tribes Attorney, Rosebud Donnelly is tenacious and Cecil thinks Dan might be able to woo her away from her lawsuit. Dan does’t quite know what to expect upon arriving, but the last thing he thought about was getting shot at in the forest by a beautiful Indian princess riding bareback.

Rosebud doesn’t want to fall for the gorgeous cowboy/oil entrepreneur but something about Dan keeps her interested. He seems to actually care about what will happen to her reservation if the dam plans go through. What starts out as a plan to save her reservation is quickly turning into how to survive falling in love with a man her entire tribe hates on principal.


I really enjoyed this debut contemporary romance from Sarah M Anderson! It combined my love of cowboys with my fascination with Native American culture for a most definite win! A Man Of His Word not only has the sweet romance of Dan and Rosebud but it also brings to light the tension between the Indians and the “white man”. I know this has been going on for a long time, but I have never had a first hand account of the quarrels. I don’t know if Sarah does either but if Indians are treated by other people like they are in the book. Wow. Shame on those people.  It’s just another example of racism and bigotry within the human race. It upset me to see characters in the book treat Rosebud with so much contempt simply because she was Native American. I guess that means I got attached to her huh?

Dan and Rosebud were a great couple. Both strong willed, accomplished people just trying to do what they believe is right. Dan was incredibly hot…and moral to boot. Can’t go wrong with that. I felt for him because he was stuck in the middle between what was good for the company he owned and what was best for the Lakota Tribe. It did give him amble ways to take down his crooked uncle Cecil once and for all though. He was also incredibly patient and understanding with Rosebud though and he actually listened when she talked instead of trying to bowl her over for being a woman attorney.

Rosebud was in an awkward position herself. Falling for a man that basically held her reservations survival in his hands. Being told to use her body in any way necessary as long as it accomplished the correct end result for her tribe. Then to be treated like she is lesser of a human being just for the color of her skin and her heritage. Even though she was probably more accomplished then any of the idiots that looked down on her. I loved her ability to stand tall, even in the face of such ugliness.

There was a sweet, comfortable feeling in their romance. Like two halves becoming whole. The entire story read smoothly and I rarely hit a rough patch that made me want to skim.

The only thing I thought could have been played up more was the threat to Rosebud. We are given a bit of background threat but nothing much happened between her and Cecil with the exception of some verbal threats towards the end. We are told she’s had skinned animals and such show up on her doorstep, her brother died mysteriously…all things in the past. I would have liked a bit more on that front. Not enough to take it to a suspense obviously, but something in the present instead of everything happening before Dan shows up in the picture.

A Man Of His Word is a excellent contemporary romance read, sure to keep you interested not only in the amazing love story but the culture surrounding these two as well!


I give A Man Of His Word by Sarah M Anderson 4 stars! 

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