Daughter Of Darkness by V.C. Andrews

Today I am handing the reigns of to my super talented cousin Julie! I asked Julie to do a guest review for me because I’m working weird hours this week and didn’t have a ton of time to devote to the blog. And of course the one week where I’m trying to prove myself at this job…I’m getting sick. This is my life people..never fails.

Where I read mostly romance, Julie tends to gravitate towards mysteries. She said she had picked up V.C. Andrews newest book so I asked her to write up her thoughts for me. Everyone welcome Julie!! *Waving*

Daughter of Darkness by VC Andrews

New York Times Bestselling author V.C Andrews (aka Andrew Neiderman) ventures into the world of vampires in this all-new novel, Daughter of Darkness.

Seventeen-year-old Lorelei Patio is the adopted daughter of a two-hundred-year-old vampire, Sergio Patio. She never realized why her family has had to move often or why she is not permitted to get too friendly with other young people. In fact, except for one shocking moment, that seemed more like a dream, Lorelei never fully realized who and what her father was, nor what her sisters were brought up to do for him. But one day, that all changed.




Daughter of Darkness is a cool title, right? The cover is sexy and the author V.C. Andrews is famous, so…I was confused and disappointed. I feel compelled to preface my review by saying I’ve read about fifty other reviews of this book in preparation to write my own. I did this hoping for an epiphany, seeking some word of wisdom, some tiny morsel of proverbial light, so I could do a headslap, return to the book and see it for the brilliance I had surely missed.

I found no such nugget.

Daughter of Darkness is about 400 pages in length, and there is literally no action or story to be found for over 170 pages. Then, we’re thrown a bone, which is snatched away by page 173 and we’re trapped back inside the main character, Lorelei’s, head for another fifty or so pages. VC Andrews describes the dreary life of Lorelei from her perspective – at length. She had a bizarre upbringing as the daughter of a vampire would. Everything is and I quote “shrouded in secrets and wrapped in a mystery.” She says or thinks these words several times. She’s personality deficient and we’re stuck in her head. I started skimming pages around one hundred looking for a scene outside of her home or with some dialogue which is not easily found. Overall, the story is about Lorelei coming of age, realizing who she is, what her purpose is (to be sexy and bring derelicts home for daddy to eat once a month). Then, as if to interject a shot of humanity, Lorelei decides that isn’t cool and the story begins – around page 300.

Now, I’m a writer. So, writing a review that isn’t upbeat and promotional is tough. There’s usually something redeeming or positive, or maybe a “Hey, this isn’t my thing, but it was well written, poetic, something.” VC Andrews and the publisher surely know more than I do, but as a reader, I was left wanting my time back. Andrews is known for creepy twists, and this was a new perspective in a vampire saturated market. True. However, it took a long time to get it out. Also, the book is filled with incestuous tones and well…I won’t spoil the incest for you…wait. Oops.

All in all, I’m left bored and disappointed. I enjoy action and banter and innuendo. I can only hope there was a purpose to the tome of detail and backstory. Perhaps there’s a sequel afoot? True VC Andrews fans will likely appreciate this in a way I couldn’t. Vampire fans, romance fans, book fans, not so much.



Julie gives Daughter Of Darkness 1.5 stars



Julie’s BIO:

Julie Anne Lindsey is a writer, blogger and an all around caffeine addict. She’s an unpublished author and you can find her tweeting @JulieALindsey or on her blog at Musings from the Slush Pile she shares writing tips, author interviews, personal experience, and opening chapters from her works.

Thank you for stopping by Julie!

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10 thoughts on “Daughter Of Darkness by V.C. Andrews

  1. Good review Julia, I have read several reviews about this book and they al basically say the same thing the book is long and drawout.

    • Keisha! OMG thank you. I was certin I’d be flogged today. No one likes to hear a reader complain, but…oof. Actually, now I’m curious to find someone who loved it and try to understand why. I may need to acquire a deeper reading taste, like wine.
      Thanks for commenting Keisha! Glad I’m not talking to myself or scaring away Nikki’s readership LOL

  2. Julie,

    I agree that writing reviews is difficult especially for a book that’s not a favorite, but remember, your reviews are for the next reader, not the author. If you found the book boring, then it is your right to say that. When I review a book, I try to say something positive about it, but sometimes there just isn’t anything to say.

    As an author, I read all the reviews of my books with interest. If I’ve missed something, then I want to know about it so it can be fixed. That’s the wonderful thing about ebooks today.

    Your review was thoughtful and to the point and I’m sure the next reader will appreciate it. Good Job!

  3. Debra! Wow. Just Wow. Coming from an author, I’m feeling much relieved. It’s a terrible feeling for me to be a downer about anything, but you’re right. I was giving my opinion and it was what it was. Someone else may surely see something differently than me. Thanks for your comment and encouragement!

  4. Great, honest review, Julie!
    I know it is hard to voice an opinion when it is contrary to the ones that are being voiced elsewhere, but all of us readers and writers appreciate the honest point of view.

  5. I have read ALL of VC Andrews books and I think this is one of the worst books with her name on it. I am 130 pages into and don’t think I will finish it. It is very boring. I will try the next book out but I am done with this one. Disappointing.

  6. Julie, I was so glad to read your review. I am at about page 300 in the book and have been wondering if it was just me or if the book truly did drag on and on with little story. Lorelei really does seem to be a bit dense. I figured out the story-line and the “big secrets” after only a few pages. I also feel that this book is nothing like the original VCA books such as Flowers in the Attic. Those books were haunting and truly got into your head. This book has left me emotionally bland. :( Oh, well. I guess I will stop wasting my time finishing the book and just move on to something else.

    Thank you for your review!

  7. VC Andrews died of breast cancer on December 19, 1986, in Virginia Beach, Virginia. After her death, her family hired a ghost writer, Andrew Neiderman,Her novels were so successful that, after her death, her estate hired a ghost writer, Andrew Neiderman, to write more stories to be published under her name. In assessing a deficiency in her estate tax returns, the Internal Revenue Service argued (successfully) that Virginia Andrews’s name was a valuable commercial asset,SO…That being said please dont blame V.C. Andrews for this rubbish……hell he isnt even a she….

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