Unwound by Lorelei James (Mastered #2)

Unwound by Lorelei JamesAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: NAL

My Copy: Bought

Reviewer: Nikki

When sensei Ronin Black first encounters Amery Hardwick, the fire in her eyes ignites a sexual spark a thousand times better than the primal rush he used to get from mixed martial arts matches. She accepts his darker edges and admits to him that her desires aren’t as wholesome as he believed. And before long Ronin is grappling with emotions he’s never felt before….

Yet despite demanding Amery bare her body and soul to him, Ronin holds a part of himself back. When she learns Ronin’s secret and walks out, his life begins to unravel.  To regain her trust he must let go of his pride and prove to her that it’s more than passion binding them together. But after their private pleasures are made public, Ronin is unsure if he’s the right man for Amery. Can they face the consequences together? Or will their differences rip them apart?

After the dramatic walk out by Amery in book one I went into Unwound knowing it was going to be heavy on the angsty emotions. I really enjoyed book one, in fact it was the first book I read in 2014 and when I loved it I took that as a good omen for my reading year. I enjoyed Unwound too but not as much as book one, for whatever reason.

As expected there was a bunch of emotional angst but the ending lacked the flair I was looking for.

Amery and Ronin are incredibly hot together. They play off each other well and Amery pushes him to be a better man along the way. Where in the first book Ronin was very closed off, he does a lot of opening up in this book. Especially when his past comes back to bite him directly on the ass with the continued interference by his ex who seems to be not all that stable. The Japanese binding that Amery loves so much really unraveled his ex and was one of the reasons Ronin broke it off. Now with her back in town, and Amery back in his life it complicates their fragile relationship. Ronin is used to dealing with his emotions inside the ring but with his most recent bout not ending so well he’s been restricted and has to learn how to get his outlets elsewhere.

I enjoyed the book overall until the end where things seemed to tie themselves up very quickly. I felt like the author was in a hurry and just wanted to end it. All the set up with Ronin’s ex and not much happened. We’re told second hand what went down and I wanted more. I wanted to bask in the moment and so I felt a bit cheated at not being able to do that. There also seems to be a clear set up to further the series with additional story lines …and we should be getting those books, along with a novella this year and next! James has wonderful character development as far as Amery, Ronin his sister and the fellow dojo workers are concerned. I thought that the plot progressed nicely right up until the last few chapters. There was definite progression in the sex scenes as Ronin and Amery become much more than just two people getting it on. The scenes take on a more loving and emotional feel as they navigate the relationship waters. Even with my few issues with this one, I would still recommend this to romance lovers. You must read book one first though.

I give Unwound by Lorelei James 4 stars!

Leashing The Tempest by Jenn Bennett (Arcadia Bell #2.5)

Leashing The Tempest by Jenn BennettAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Bought

Reviewer: Nikki

Dating a demon, defeating evil, running a tiki bar: Arcadia Bell is a great occult mage in many respects. But then there’s the challenge of her boyfriend’s precocious teenage son…

Arcadia “Cady” Bell may have saved the Hellfire Club’s children from a local bogeyman, but she and her Earthbound demon boyfriend, Lon Butler, now face a more disturbing problem: his teenage son’s new demonic abilities. Jupe Butler can persuade you to do anything—or so he thinks. To test the limits of his newfound power, Cady invites the co-owner of Tambuku Tiki Lounge to be the teen’s guinea pig during an afternoon boat cruise. But when an angry storm whips the Pacific into a frenzy and Jupe puts them all in serious danger, will Cady’s magick trump a teenager’s excess confidence?

Leashing The Tempest is a short foray back into the magical world of Arcadia Bell that takes place in between full length books 2 and 3. Cady and Lon find themselves trying to take a day trip on a small day cruise in order test Jupe’s new found persuasion knack  on Cady’s best friend and business partner Kar Yee. What starts out as a informational day quickly takes a turn south when Jupe’s knack knocks out the shifty boat captain and as a result unleashes something that seems to want to take over the ship.

While this was very short it was high octane from start to finish and I was bummed it was over so quickly. It focuses more on the interpersonal relationships between characters which is my most favorite part of this series. Sure there was plenty of action packed in there too, but the development of Lon and Cady, Cady and Jupe, and even Kar Yee is what I really crave. Bennett didn’t disappoint. Somehow over the course of these few books she’s made me insanely like a child character, which never ever happens. Usually I feel like they take up the space in between more important scenes. But not with Jupe. The energetic teenager is just so lovable, you can’t help but smile every time he pops up. Plus, he’s teaching Cady a valuable lesson as the series progresses…how to belong to a real family.

I adore everything about this series! For serious, if you like urban fantasy mixed with romance, this is definitely a series for you. I know I won’t EVER be getting rid of these. They will forever be on my keeper shelf for me to enjoy again and again! Bennett will entertain you and leave you wanting more!

I give Leashing The Tempest by Jenn Bennett 4 stars! 

Blog Tour: Betting The Billionaire by Avery Flynn & GIVEAWAY

Betting The Billionaire by AVery FlynnAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Entangled: Indulgence

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

If that man calls her one more time… So what if Gabe Campos is a model-dating billionaire who gets Keisha Jacobs hotter than a Ferrari’s engine on the straightaway? He keeps pushing her to sell her family’s furniture business, but she’ll never give in—not unless she wants to give her father a second heart attack.

All Gabe should be thinking about is how he’ll finally get revenge on the man who killed his father. But when he meets the man’s daughter, Keisha, instead of focusing on destroying Jacobs Fine Furnishings, he can’t get her warm-whisky voice out of his mind. Forced by a snow storm to spend the night together, their passion ignites. The next day, however, it’s back to business. The only way Keisha can save her family is to win a bet with the billionaire. But neither realized their hearts are part of the bargain…

This is a fun short story full of humor, a romp in a barn and a sexy billionaire. I have read several books by Ms. Flynn and have enjoyed them all.

Keisha Jacobs is trying to move on with her life, it is unfortunate that her family has issues that seem to keep her in this small town. Her family owns Jacob’s Fine Furniture, started by her father Dell years ago, a business that he wants passed down to others in his family. Her father recently suffered a stroke and she does not want to upset him too much but with Gabe Campos calling her constantly to get them to sell and her cousin Tyrell not willing to take over the business she is at her wits end.

Cabe Campos has been trying for months to get the Jacobs’ to sell, he is out for revenge for the wrong he believes Dell did to his real father. But when he can’t get anywhere on the phone he decides to travel to their small town to talk to Keisha face to face, but with a sudden snow storm and an empty gas tank he almost does not get to his destination, fortunately he spies a car garage and is very surprised when he finds out who lives there. Gabe and Keisha work through not only his feelings of betrayal but their attraction for each other and they realize that things are not always what they seem.

This is a very well done short story, I like how the romance does not feel rushed as some short stories do, Gabe and Keisha have had a phone conversation going on for months, and he is half infatuated with her before they even meet. The two together have great chemistry, their passion comes close the first night while they are stuck in her apartment but they get interrupted and the next day when she finds out Gabe’s motives, she is angry and confused. Dell realizes Gabe is hurting and at first not ready to hear about his father, but with more information coming forth about his death you can see that he is apologetic and bends over backward to try and right the wrong.

Gabe is such a likable character, he is funny, he can laugh at himself and the apologies come very easy for him, I like that he is very down to earth. The fact that he can’t remember to put gas in a vehicle and she is working on a car that is her pride and joy is hilarious. Keisha is also an enjoyable character, she would do anything for anyone and putting her future on hold for her father shows the type of person she is. At first I was angry at her father for being so stubborn, but in the end he turns out to be a great guy and their relationship seems special. When Gabe and Keisha finally get to spend time together it feels right, without any issues, just their growing attraction for each other.

Since this is a short story the pace and the romance are fast and I like how the author uses the phone conversations as part of the romance which makes the romance seemed less hurried. This is a great book for those that want a quick read with a sexy billionaire.

I give Betting on the Billionaire by Avery Flynn 4 stars!

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Robyn DeHart Guest Post & GIVEAWAY

Temptation of Anna Jacobs Banner


Thanks so much for having me today and for participating in my blog tour. I’m so thrilled to share with y’all about my latest release, The Temptations of Anna Jacobs. This is the second book in my Dangerous Liaisons series, an historical romantic suspense about Jack the Ripper.

When I first started reading romance, many years ago, the majority of what was available was the traditional historical romance. What many referred to as the bodice ripper because of the sexy clinch covers. I fell in love with these books from the likes of Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, Johanna Lindsey and Catherine Coulter. And then I found Amanda Quick and her historicals were a little different. I suspect that she is probably my strongest influence, as a writer, because none of my historicals are what you’d call ballroom romps or even the lush historical dramas that Woodiwiss for known for.

With Amanda Quick, there were suspense subplots and her heroes were often scholars – something I have always been drawn to – is it any wonder that I married a college professor? J Her heroines were smart too and unique. I never set out to immolate her, but when RT Bookclub compared my books to hers in a review – well, that was just about the coolest thing ever. So without further ado, I give you the 5 hallmarks of a Robyn DeHart novel…

1. A Robyn DeHart heroine is unconventional, whether she be bucking society by going to medical school to become a physician, as with Anna from The Temptations of Anna Jacobs or whether she be a blind sculptress, as with Mia from The Secrets of Mia Danvers.

2. My heroes are smart and almost always the pursuer in the relationship. Once they meet the heroine, no other woman will do. They fall hard and they’re loyal to a fault. Not to mention smoking hot! They also usually have jobs, even if they’re aristocrats, as with Drew in The Temptations of Anna Jacobs, is working undercover for Scotland Yard, or an antiquity hunter for hire as with Fielding in Seduce Me.

3. Don’t be surprised if there’s a murder at some point. Quite obviously the Dangerous Liaisons books have killings in them, even scenes in the Rippers point of view. But even in my other books, I sometimes leave a trail of bodies, not always gruesome though (for those of you who have an issue with violence). The Raven, the villain in two of my Legend Hunters books (Seduce Me and Treasure Me) is rather wicked and does away with more than one person. Even in my novella that’s currently out, a Regency spy story, No Ordinary Mistress, chapter one opens up with a murder.

4. Amidst the carnage you’ll often find humor. Some books are funnier than others, but even if you don’t laugh out loud, there are plenty of happy, smiling moments. There’s one scene in A Study in Scandal where the heroine knocks a door into the hero’s head and every time I read it, it made me chuckle. That’s saying a lot because as an author we have to read our own books a lot and by the end, they get really old. J

5. My books are full of snappy dialogue. Almost every review and reader email I receive comments on both my characters and the witty dialogue. It’s where the books come alive to me when I’m writing, where the characters live, in the words that they speak. Dialogue is super important to me and an integral part of all of my work.

Well, I hope this has given you a little taste of what reading a Robyn DeHart book is like. If you’ve read me before, what are your favorite parts of my books If not, what do you usually look for when picking out a new author?


The Temptaions of Anna Jacobs-bk 2Available: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Intermix

Find Robyn: Website/Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads

Love and justice…

When Drew Foster is released from prison, he doesn’t much care about salvaging his soiled reputation. Though he’s working undercover, everyone in Victorian London believes him guilty of the Jack the Ripper murders and that his brother paid for his “innocence.”

Despite her genteel upbringing, Anna Jacobs is intent on finishing medical school and becoming a physician. Society’s ridicule has never bothered her, but when her brother, the Yard’s best detective, is scorned for letting Drew go, she confronts the one man who can set the record straight at a ball. She certainly doesn’t count on the rogue being dashing and handsome, nor on him stealing a passionate kiss.

Anna’s brazen contempt for his dangerous reputation captivates Drew, but he is harboring secrets that make him unfit to court any proper woman. As he finds himself an outsider among his colleagues at Scotland Yard, the feisty beauty offers up her medical knowledge to assist him on the case. But when the real killer returns to London to continue his reign of terror, can Anna find safety in Drew’s arms?



She was quiet for several moments. He watched her face as she considered all the possibilities. Even now, the taste of her lips stayed with him, and he wanted more. More of her kisses, more of her smiles. Simply more of Anna.

Perhaps she had other thoughts that could explain the differences in the injuries, or the use of an alternate weapon.

“Why did you kiss me? The other day?” she asked.

Drew felt his brows rise in surprise. “Is that what you were thinking about? I suspected your thoughts were more academic in nature.”

She shrugged. “Academic or not, I am still a woman.”

“It seemed the thing to do,” Drew said with a shrug of his own.

“‘It seemed the thing to do,’” she said, mocking his tone. She frowned. “That’s not a very good answer.”

He resisted the urge to smile. Hell, he didn’t know why he’d kissed her. Because the desire to do so had been so overwhelming he hadn’t been able to resist her lips. In fact, he longed to embrace her again, right now. “What would be a good answer?”

“How the devil should I know?” Her hand fluttered to her chest. “I don’t go around kissing unsuspecting people.”

“Fair enough. Well then, I kissed you because I wanted to.” Perhaps honesty would appease her curiosity. “Because your mouth is tempting, even though you talk far too much.”

“That doesn’t even make any sense. Well, the bit about my talking too much, I admit I can be verbose—”

“You’re doing it again,” he interrupted her. He leaned forward, toward her chair. “Only makes me want to kiss you again.”

She waved her hand. “That’s ridiculous.”

“The mere notion of kissing you? Hasn’t any man ever expressed a similar interest?”

A blush stained her exposed throat, marring her lovely creamy skin. Her hand followed the

telltale sign of her embarrassment and she fiddled with the necklace around her throat. She swallowed visibly. “I don’t see how that is any of your business. I’m not even certain how we got on this discussion,” she said.

“You asked me why I kissed you.”

“Yes, and your answer is unsatisfactory. I shall merely have to conclude that you men are a peculiar lot.” She pointed at him.

“I’m going to kiss you again, Annabelle,” he said softly.

Her mouth opened, then slowly closed. “Right now?”

“Would you like me to kiss you right now?”

“I cannot answer that.” She shook her head fervently. “It would be utterly improper.”

“You, a lady going to medical school and assisting me with an undercover investigation of a murder? Last night we broke into a government building. Your behavior hasn’t exactly been the pinnacle of propriety.”

Her brow furrowed. “That is quite different.” Her tongue darted out and wet her lips.

He felt a stab of desire, hot and poignant in his gut. Oh yes. He wanted her. Whatever the reason, logical or not, he wanted her quite badly. Too badly, in fact, for him to kiss her now when his passions were so close to the surface. It was entirely too likely they would not be interrupted, that no one would come along and stop him from ruining her here in his parlor.

“You already answered my question,” he said.

She frowned. “I don’t believe I did.”

“Oh yes, Anna, you want me to kiss you very badly. Now that I know that, I’m going to make you wait. For a little longer.”

“You are an insufferable man!” she said as she came to her feet.


robyn-dehart-133x200About The Author: 

National Bestselling author, Robyn DeHart’s novels have appeared in the top bestselling romance and historical romance lists. Her books have been translated into nearly a dozen languages. Her historical romantic adventure series, The Legend Hunters, were not only bestsellers, but also award-winners, snagging a Reader’s Crown and a Reviewer’s Choice award. She had three releases in 2013 and 2014 will see four more, all set in the popular historical romance Regency and Victorian eras.

Known for her “strong dialogue and characters that leap off the page” (RT Bookclub) and her “sizzling romance” (Publishers Weekly), her books have been featured in USA Today and the Chicago Tribune. A popular writing instructor, she has given speeches at writing conferences in Los Angeles, DC, New York, Dallas, Nashville and Toronto, among many others.

When not writing, you can find Robyn hanging out with her family, husband (The Professor) a university professor of Political Science and their two ridiculously beautiful and smart daughters, Busybee and Babybee as well as two spoiled-rotten cats. They live in the hill country of Texas where its hot eight months of the year, but those big blue skies make it worth it.



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Claiming Ana by Brynna Curry (Triple Star Ranch #1)

Claiming Anna by Brynna CurryAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance Novelette

Publisher: Lyrical Press

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

The child of a gypsy and fey, small-town veterinarian Dr. Anastasia Brannon has always hidden her magic for fear of ridicule. A red-hot encounter with the new PI in town makes their attraction impossible to deny. Throwing caution to the wind, she indulges her desires but keeps her secrets close.

A man with a shady past and secrets of his own, Howl Raven uses his feral talents and tracking skills to make a living, doing his best to lay low and hide the curse that haunts him every month. So far, so good…until an uncontrollable shift outside the full moon leaves him the victim of a werewolf hunter.

When she finds the enigmatic investigator wounded in the woods near her cabin during a storm, Ana provides medical care on instinct. She may be the only one who can banish the wolf from Howl’s blood, but at what cost?

I went into this book expecting a quick read about a shifter finding his mate. Claiming Ana is exactly that. Brynna Curry is a new to me author and her writing style took some getting used to. I thought the story was good and she can write an alpha character the reader can easily fall in love with. There really wasn’t much back story to this book…we learn about Ana’s and Howl’s secrets as they learn them about each other. I had no problem with that and actually enjoyed how quickly they fell for each other.

Ana is a small-town vet with hidden talents. Thanks to her gypsy ancestors, she has magical powers but she keeps them to herself, knowing how people would react to a “witch”. She is smart and down-to-earth and, and like me, shares a weakness for strays and bad boys, both of which describe Howl Raven.

Howl is a newcomer to town, working as a private investigator to help the chief of police with a case. Unknown to everyone else, he’s also a werewolf being hunted by his cousin. It is through his connection with the chief that he meets Ana. Ana grew up with Chief Cade Murphy and his brothers, and even had a high school love affair with Jace Murphy. The minute he meets Ana, Howl knows she is his mate. He knows nothing about her other than the instant attraction he feels, but with his wolf driving him, he will stop at nothing to have her.

I thought the first half of this book was really good. I liked the way the author developed enough of a supporting cast to make Howl and Ana’s meeting believable. Unfortunately, much of the initial storyline disappeared midway through. There was a lot of emphasis placed on Ana’s history with the Murphy family and her connection with Jace, to the point of Cade warning Howl away from Ana because of his brother’s feelings for her. I didn’t really understand the importance of the Jace-Ana connection. Also, the whole reason Howl came to town was to help Cade investigate his father’s death. Once that was introduced, the author never really touched back on it.

I liked the idea of the werewolf and the gypsy getting together. I could see why each of them would fall for the other, and I’m always a sucker for a hero that instantly knows his mate. I

think Howl and Ana accepted each other’s secrets so easily because of what they each knew about themselves, but I do wish we were given more of their thoughts and feelings instead of just, “Oh, he’s a werewolf.” I thought the part about Howl’s curse was an interesting twist on a shifter story, but I feel like the author never really explained things all that well. The second half of the book was a lot of jumping around between Ana’s magic and Howl’s shifting and the curse that threatened their newfound love, and there wasn’t really enough detail given for me to grasp exactly what was happening.

The chemistry between Ana and Howl was scorching, but I didn’t feel like their romance conveyed enough passion or emotion to the reader. I would have liked the author to continue her writing style from the first half and maybe even make the book a little longer so I would have more time to become invested in the story.

I give Claiming Ana by Brynna Curry 3 stars!

A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans (The Disgraced Lords #2)

A Promise of More by Bronwen EvansAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Loveswept

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Pam

When Beatrice Hennessey sets out to confront Lord Coldhurst, the notorious rogue who killed her brother in a duel, her intent is to save her family from destitution. She’s determined to blackmail the man into a loveless marriage. She’ll make the wealthy Lord Coldhurst pay for the rest of his life. But while greeting his ship, Beatrice takes a tumble into the Thames—only to be fished out by a pair of strong masculine arms that tempt her to stay locked in their heated embrace forever. That is, until she realizes those arms belong to Sebastian Hawkestone, Lord Coldhurst himself.

The little drowned mermaid has an interesting proposition indeed; one that Sebastian is surprised to find quite agreeable. Although he’s had women more beautiful, she is pleasing to the eye, and besides, it’s time he fathered an heir. Beatrice promises to be the ideal wife; a woman who hates him with an all-consuming passion is far too sensible to expect romance. However, it isn’t long before Sebastian’s plan for a marriage of convenience unravels, and he’s caught up in the exhilarating undertow of seduction.

Another great addition to an appealing series with a mysterious woman set on revenge for the sins of the fathers. The Libertine Scholars are a fun loving bunch of entitled lords who now have to watch their backs while a vindictive woman sets out to destroy them.

Sebastian, Lord Coldhurst, has recently returned from exile in the Caribbean, he has received a full pardon from the King for a duel gone wrong several months ago. He had been challenged to a duel by Doogie, Baron Larkwell but something went terribly wrong and what Sebastian thought was a wide shot seemed to have killed him. He has felt guilty about the outcome and has sent money to the family, but there were huge debts to pay and Doogie’s sister is at her wits end. Beatrice Hennessey is out of funds and out of choices and she comes to the docks to ask Sebastian to marry her. He has sworn never to fall in love but thinks that a marriage of convenience might work for him and agrees to her plan.

He is under the assumption that with this marriage he can continue on as he once did, of course that is before he starts to have feelings for Beatrice and she has plans to seduce him. Sebastian has definite ideas about love and marriage so she has her work cut out for her as she plans for their future. Sebastian, Beatrice and the Libertine Scholars search for the reasons behind the threats and blackmailing and as the danger increases they are desperate to find the woman and put a stop her revenge.

This story picks up immediately after A Kiss of Lies ends. Sebastian has sailed back to England, he has been given a full pardon and he is ready to pick up where he left off, finding willing women and hanging with his friends. He is surprised when he rescues a woman from drowning only to find she is proposing. I think Beatrice is wonderful, she is ready to do almost anything to protect her family, swallowing her pride and accepting her fate. She is especially engaging when she decides she wants a real marriage and plans to seduce Sebastian, which has him thinking that this marriage may work. They bring several suspicions to the marriage, he never wants love as he feels it destroyed his parents and she has a huge secret of her own that I wish she would have mentioned to him, it causes trust issues and they fight several times, she believes that it is OK for her to demand trust and truth from Sebastian, but she can’t seem to tell him her secret. I do like that they are able to talk to each other and after a cool down period they realize what really matters, oh did someone say make-up sex! The sexual chemistry between them sizzles as the private scenes they have together are scorching.

I am enjoying the overall story arc of the series, a woman who was wronged by the fathers of these heroes finding revenge, I like how all of the men are baffled and would like to talk to the woman and help her, they do believe their fathers could have done something terribly wrong to her. I am intrigued with each of the men we have met and especially the one we have not met yet, Grayson, whose story is up next. Other secondary characters add much to the story; I really like Sebastian’s sisters and think their relationship with Beatrice is special.

The plot’s pace is fast and works well from the beginning when poor Beatrice is fished from the river to the dangers they face while dealing with a madman and woman bent on revenge, this is a definite page turner. This can easily be read as a standalone, there is an overall story arc but the author brings you up to date effortlessly. I am excited for more.


I give A Promise of More by Bronwen Evans 4 stars!

Summoning The Night by Jenn Bennett (Arcadia Bell #2)

Summoning The Night Jenn BennettAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki


After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat, Arcadia Bell is back to normal. Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons. She’s gearing up for the busiest day of the year—Halloween—when a vengeful kidnapper paralyzes the community. The influential head of the local Hellfire Club taps Cady to track down the fiendish bogeyman, and now that she’s dating red-hot Lon Butler, the Club’s wayward son, she can hardly say no. 

Cady and Lon untangle a gruesome thirty-year trail of clues that points to danger for the club members’ children. But locating the person behind the terror will require some metaphysical help from Cady’s loyal bar patrons as well as her potent new Moonchild powers—and she’d better figure it out before the final victim disappears and her own darkest secret becomes her biggest enemy.


After finishing up book one of this series, Kindling The Moon, I immediately went right into Summoning The Night that takes place merely weeks after the first book ends. Cady is back to running her bar and with Halloween quickly approaching, she and the co-owner Kar Yee are cooking up promotional plans for their demon patrons. She’s just starting to get back into a routine when she is summoned, along with her boyfriend Lon, to the leader of his secret society club, Hellfire. Seems a 30 year old unsolved kidnapping case has reignited with the recent disappearance of magical demon teenagers. With her new found Moon Child abilities that she doesn’t quite trust, the leader of Hellfire tasks her and Lon with unraveling the mystery of the disappearances 30 years ago along with these new ones who also threaten Lon’s own teenage son, Jupe. They know that whoever is behind the kidnappings must have had help from the other realms but they have no idea where to start to track down someone who is proficient at hiding in plain sight. While low ranking, human looking demons reside on earth alongside their unsuspecting counterparts, other realms hold the demons who can essentially bring the world to its knees and Cady knows all about that since she had recently summoned the demon who her parents used to kill leaders of rival occults.

Lon is the only one who knows the real Arcadia and the leader of the Hellfire club is starting to get suspicious of her background. She’s managed to hide her true identity for years but with the her recent near sacrificing at the hands of her own parents, it’s starting to get difficult. He uses what knowledge he does have as a sort of blackmail to get her assistance. I’ve been on the fence about him for awhile. He seems genuine in his concern for the children but he isn’t above using blackmail to achieve his goals, which makes him a wildcard and a constant thorn in Cady and Lon’s side.

Once again, as with book one, the continued world building is supreme. Bennett knows how to entice a reader and paint a picture of the world she envisions with ease. With the appearance of Hajo (a death dowser) readers are given a kind of protagonist who wants to get in Cady’s pants something fierce. He does begrudgingly help Cady and Lon but only after securing something he wants for himself. His presence adds a creep factor that helps move the story line along and gives Lon something to continually grumble about while they try to track down the person responsible for the kidnappings of the past and present.

I think what I love most about these books is the communication between the characters. Right before reading this one I had read a contemporary romance where the characters didn’t talk to each other, they ASSUMED, which of course lead to some nasty repercussions. The characters in Bennett’s series actually talk through their problems. Imagine that, they act like the adults that they are. Seriously, it’s a breath of fresh air. Lon and Cady, though there is quite an age difference, navigate the relationship waters very well. They are continuing to grow as individuals which only makes their relationship stronger. Cady isn’t used to having someone to lean on and she struggles a bit as Lon’s son Jupe grows more attached to her. It’s a foreign feeling to belong but one she’s becoming accustomed to.

While I really loved this book, I have a feeling that something huge is on the horizon for Cady, Lon and even Jupe. As this book ends Cady owes some pretty hefty favors to several people for helping solve the kidnapping case and the leader of the Hellfire club eludes to knowing more about her than he is letting on. It’s just a sense that something is a bit…off. I can only hope that whatever is brewing, Cady will be able to fight it with the help of those she trusts. I also hope that we get to see more of her new found abilities and what she is truly capable of.

Summoning The Night is chock full of action, suspense, a few hot sex scenes and a wisecracking teenage boy who will warm your heart. I am obsessed with this series and I can’t wait to see how Bennett ups the stakes in book three! Bennett knows how to engage a reader and I know you won’t regret picking up this series!

I give Summing The Night by Jenn Bennett 4.50 stars!